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Lake Baikal - eternal mystery and power in the heart of Russia
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Tourism in Buryatia. Lake Baikal and Siberia.
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Raduga centre - recreation at Baikal in Buryatia
Power and beauty of Baikal
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The health (therapeutic procedures)

Our offer is unique in its unique way. Raduga centre offers a great variety of therapeutic procedures, which are based on the natural materials and inner power of Baikal.

These are a mini-sauna in cedar phyto-barrels  (cedar barrels)  with oils and herbs, halotherapy (Salt Room), clay applications using the Suvinskaya type of clay, osinoterapiya (aspen wood therapy), herbal teas and different types of massages. Not only those who live at Raduga centre can use our services, but also all guests and residents of Maksimikha.

Raduga centre is located in a beautiful and ecologically clean place, where the air is very healthy.  There is a spring that heals eyes very close to Raduga recreation base. There are a lot of berries and herbs. We offer teas made of Baikal herbs and you can make herbal teas for you and your relatives on your own. Since some plants are endemic to Baikal.

You can stay at our centre or, if you are travelling close to Maksimikha village, you can stop by the centre to use our services.

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Raduga, recreation base in Maksimikha (Barguzin region)
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