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Lake Baikal - eternal mystery and power in the heart of Russia
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vacation at Baikal

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Tourism in Buryatia. Lake Baikal and Siberia.
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Raduga centre - recreation at Baikal in Buryatia
Power and beauty of Baikal
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массаж, травяные чаи

At Raduga centre (Baikal, Maksimikha) we offer services of qualified massagers. They are certified specialists who have a vast experience. The massage method is performed according to rejuvenating rehabilitating system of oriental lamas.

The types of massages performed:

1. Classic;
2. Tibetan-Mongolian (pressure point massage);
3. Cosmetic;
... and others 

After you have massage, you can take a rest or drink tea. Some herbal tea will be selected for you.

We should mention the cosmetic massage with clay and alginate masks.
Consider the clay masks and applications with the unique Suva clay.

We offer the general massage, back massage, head massage (including correction after concussion), body shaping and etc.

Spend your holiday at Baikal
Raduga, recreation base in Maksimikha (Barguzin region)
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