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Lake Baikal - eternal mystery and power in the heart of Russia
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vacation at Baikal

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Tourism in Buryatia. Lake Baikal and Siberia.
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Raduga centre - recreation at Baikal in Buryatia
Power and beauty of Baikal
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Excursions in Barguzin valley

Suvo castle
Suvo castle
 Suvo castle photo

Bukhe shulun
Bukhe shulun (Bool-stone)

salt lake
Salt lake

Ina stone garden
Ina stone garden

Raduga centre recreation base organizes excursions in Barguzin valley.

Barguzin valley is one of the main attractions not only for tourists who go to Buryatia but also for residents of Buryatia. You can find a lot of interesting things here - different natural landscapes, sacred places, culture, Buryat history and traditions.

It is Barguzin valley where you can find the Suvo castle (the fantastic stone creation that reminds of various fairy-tale characters), sacred place Bukhe shulun (Bool-stone, the guarding spirit of Bargyzin valley), Ina stone garden (near the Ina River). You will see all these attractions if you join an excursion in Barguzin valley.

Barguzin valley is rich in thermal springs and mineral lakes. In summer, you can swim in the lakes and take water from it.

During the excursion you will go to have home dinner in Suvo village. Suvo is known for its cattle-breeding traditions. You will have a warm dinner prepared of domestic products (sour cream, curds, pancakes, meat, potatoes). 

We use cars for the excursion (taking a ferry in Ust-Barguzin). 

The excursion`s duration is from morning till night.

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