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Barguzins District general figures



The Barguzin district was established on December 23, 1923.

District area: 18,600 square kilometers.
Climatic conditions: a severely continental climate.
Distance from Barguzin to Ulan-Ude: 315 kilometers.
Population (as of January 1, 2008): 25,500 people.

The population is comprised of many nationalities, including Buryats (25.3%), Russians (71.1%), Tatars(1.1%), Ukrainians (0.8%), Byelorussians (0.3%), Jews (0.2%), Evenks (0.1%), Nenets (0.1%), etc.

The Barguzin district in Buryatia is located along the eastern shore of Lake Baikal in a hilly upland that is topped with Jargeisky, Ikatsky, Barguzinsky and other mountain ranges and is crossed by riverside valleys. The Baikal shoreline within the Barguzin District is deeply indented (the Holy Nose peninsula, Barguzinsky and Tchivyrkuisky bays, and more bays at the mouths of the Barguzin and other rivers). The central part of the district is intersected by the Barguzin River that extends for 704 kilometers with its tributaries Garga, Argada and Ina.

The administrative centre is the settlement of Barguzin with the population of 6,300 people.

When you hear the word Barguzin the first thing you remember is the famous sea, the sacred Baikal. The settlement of Barguzin, the present day administrative centre of the Barguzin District in Buryatia, has been situated on the river of the same name for 350 years. A steep mountain ridge separates it from the eastern shore of Baikal. The settlement of Barguzin that was founded in 1648 and was once the chief town of the district, is the first Russian stockaded town in Transbaikalia and has been given the status of Russias historical town.

Map of the Barguzin District

 Barguzin District

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