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Lake Baikal - eternal mystery and power in the heart of Russia
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Zabaikalsky National Park

Zabaikalsky National Park in Buryatia

Zabaikalsky National Park in Buryatia

Zabaikalsky National Park
photo Zabaikalsky National Park

The Barguzinsky District has been home to the Zabaikalsky National Park since its foundation in 1986.

Location: Settlement of Ust-Barguzin in the Barguzinsky District (30 kilometers away from the settlement of Maximikha).
Area: 256,000 hectares or 269,000 hectares including water bodies.

About 290 terrestrial vertebrate species and over 240 bird species inhabit the territory of the national park.

People who have visited the park even once call it ‘Tchivyrkuisky dream’ or ‘Pearl in the crown of Baikal’. This is the famous Baikal’s Podlemorye: steep banks, snowfields on mountain peaks, seal rookeries on the Ushkanii Islands, the Tchivyrkuisky gulf with its picturesque small bays, marvellous beaches, thermal springs in the Snake or Nechaevskaya bays and a lot more.

Nature lovers will be fascinated by the fauna of the Zabaikalsky National Park. Tourists following different routes have every chance to see a bear, a reindeer, a roe deer, a Baikal seal or a sable, to say nothing of foxes and wolves.

The bird world of Lake Baikal is notable for a still greater variety. The park is home to over 250 different bird species. Ornithologist tours are a great attraction for specialists and nature lovers.

The Zabaikalsky National Park currently offers several routes of increasing difficulty levels. The route ‘Bormashevy Lakes – Holy Nose Plateau’ is one of the most popular with tourists. Nature lovers, fishermen, supporters of healthy life-style, extreme tourism lovers and all people who are just willing to enjoy the beauty and abundance of wildlife – all can pick out a route that they like best.

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