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Lake Baikal - eternal mystery and power in the heart of Russia
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Tourism in Buryatia. Lake Baikal and Siberia.
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The Svyatoy Nos peninsula (Holy Nose)

The Holy Nose peninsula at Baikal

The Svyatoy Nos peninsula (trans. Holy Nose) is the only large peninsula on Lake Baikal. It stretches for 53 kilometers and is up to 20 kilometers wide; the highest peak is 1877 meters high. A few dozen streams and rivers spring from the mountains of the peninsula.

Tourists enjoy making a tour of the Svyatoy Nos peninsula. The ascent is no easy task. The starting point of most of the routes is the Monakhovo village with a path running up to the mountain peaks. The views are absolutely stunning as you come in view of four mountain ridges, Olkhon Island (located along the same axis as the projecting Holy Nose), Khamar-Daban, the Ushkany Islands, the Primorsky Range, landscapes of the Tchivyrkuisky Gulf with the Ongokonsky Bay (the bay of the young!), and a variety of landscape at different heights! You also come in view of alpine tundra. And all those views can be enjoyed during a single trip! Tourists are attracted by hot mineral springs, with the Snake Spring being the most frequently visited one. You can listen to the singing sand of Markovo which is a geological monument. The sand owes its name to sounds that people hear as they walk about.

Both walking and sailing trips (starting from the Barguzinsky District), hunting, and fishing are popular with tourists. The Tchivyrkuisky Gulf has a number of beaches while the rest of the peninsula, especially the western part has a too abrupt coast. The flora and fauna of the Svyatoy Nos peninsula are rather diverse.

The peninsula abounds in deciduous and coniferous woods, such as birch trees, aspens, alders, pines, fir trees, cedars, and larches. Mountain pines are also found. You can enjoy rhododendron blossoms and treat yourself to some raspberries in raspberry canes. The animal world is represented by predators like bear, lynx, fox, ermine, and weasel, there are some hares and squirrels. Lucky ones may catch a rare glimpse of hoofed animals like roe deer, elk, Manchurian deer or musk deer.

Winter holidays in the Baikal area are a good opportunity for a ski trip on the ice around the peninsula. This is an excellent place for free riding. Lovers of winter fishing will be delighted with a fine catch of fish.

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