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Ushkany Islands (Ushkanii Isles)

Ushkanie islands

Zabaikalsky National Park

Ushkanie islands 
  Zabaikalsky National Park. Photo

Ushkany Islands archipelago is a part of the Zabaikalsky National Park area since 1987.

Ushkanii islands archipelago is famous for Baikal seal (Baikal nerpa). Ushkanii islands is their favorite place.  Baikal nerpa Ч is a unique fresh water seal  and the first Baikal`s enigma. This highly developed animal is still subject to scientific research.   The seals live about 56 years. They are 1,5-2.0 м long and weigh 150 kg. 

There are 4 islands include in the Ushkanii islands archipelago: Bolshoy, Krugly. Tonky, Dolgy. The total area is about 10 km.   Ushkanii islands have been formed with rocks of ancient Procombrian origin: marble and crystalline lime Ч stones with quartzes interlayers.

The Bolshoy island is the biggest. The Bolshoy island rises over the water as 216 m high mountain.  Its stretches for 5 km. 

There are many phenomena on the Island:
Ч very interesting flora and fauna (for example, specific larches and pines, rhododendron);
Ч high density of  ant hills (about 18-20 per 1 hectare);
Ч  large colonies of gulls usual Baikal wellow travelers on the rocky shores and bogs of Chivirkuisky Bay.
Ч  3 caves, which contain show of staying man of the  New Stone Age.

... and others...

Excursions to the Ushkanii islands is well opportunity to see Baikal nerpa.



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