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The old Barguzinsky Cemetery

old Barguzinsky Cemetery

old Barguzinsky Cemetery

Barguzinsky Cemetery

 photo of the old Barguzinsky Cemetery
The old Barguzinsky Cemetery is a monument of federal significance and is located in the centre of the Barguzin settlement in the Barguzinsky District, the Republic of Buryatia.

The first mentioning of the old Barguzinsky Cemetery dates back to 1798. The old Barguzinsky Cemetery first appeared on the map of Barguzin in 1798. In those days Barguzin was a small settlement of 18 homesteads and a Cossack garrison. It had two churches, the Church of the Saviour dating to 1649 and the Transfiguration church dating to 1756.

There were no streets or any planned site development in Barguzin in those days, but the cemetery was located in a nice sunlit place behind the settlement.

In 1840 the cemetery was divided into two sections, Jewish and Orthodox burial grounds.

The oldest burial places are found in the Orthodox section. We have managed to locate 1113 burial places, the oldest of them dates back to 1815. The most significant for the history of Barguzin are the tombs of M.K. Kuchelbecker, Z.F. Svatosh and political convicts. These tombs can be seen by visitors to the old Barguzinsky Cemetery.

In 1925 the cemetery was divided into 4 parts. The northern part was allocated to Jewish graves. The central part was reserved for adherents of different creeds, unbaptized infants and the so called snowdrops, escaped convicts who met their death in taiga. The southern left-hand part was intended to bury Orthodox Christians while the southern right-hand part was allocated to formerly people of other creeds who had adopted Orthodoxy.

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 Barguzin District

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