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Sacred Places of Buryatia

It is important for the people of different nationalities to know culture and traditions of each other for the successful cooperation and mutual respect. The Barguzin valley is one of the best sights in the Baikal Region. It attracts lots of Russian and foreign tourists.

The Barguzin valley is not only natural phenomenon, but also a treasure of material and spiritual culture.

There are several types of the sacred Shamanist places of the Buryats: Oboo (sacred cavities, rocks and stones), Arshaan (healing springs), Barisa (the Shamanist burial grounds). This classification can be used for the cult places of the Barguzin valley, but some of them may be of two or three types at the same time.

In the Barguzin valley here is not only Shamanist but also Buddist cult places, such as Goddess Yanzhima, stupa (suburgan) of Soodoi-lama, the places of thanksgiving service and worships of pilgrims Zurgen Hada and the mountain Barhan uula. So, as a result of the investigation of the road cults, we can drive to the conclusion that they need to be mapped in the investigated region. The research of the cult places and their customs requires a complex approach.

The Suvinskii Castle is situated beyond the big Alginsky lake near the village Suvo.   


It is a sanctuary of the Barguzin valley, the master of wich is the spirit of stone.   


Goddess Yanzhima Yanchenma (Tibetian) Sarasvati (Indian) is a great goddess, pantones of art, science, wisdom, fertility amaternity.   


Since time immemorial people use the natural mineral water as a treatment for lots of diseases. The Ulyunsky spring is used for prevention of eye diseases   


The road cults play the key role in the sancralization of the opened up area by the natives of a certain region. On the road while crossing the sacred area, the natives are able to communicate with the objects of worship without any mediators by means of prayers and ritual activity   


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