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Lake Baikal - eternal mystery and power in the heart of Russia
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Of dancing Buddist goddess Yanzhima

Goddess Yanzhima



In the district Unigan near the village Yarikto in 1996 the natives found a ritual pyramid Sasa with the images of thousands of Buddas. The find pointed to the special importance of this place. On the second of May, 2005 the place was visited by the delegation of the Buddist Traditional Sangha headed by Pandito Hambo Lama Damba Ayusheev. The lamas and believers continued looking for other relics, but with no success, then Pandito Hambo Lama began meditating reading the Heart Mantra of Pandito Hambo Lama XII Dasha Dorzho Itygelov.

Suddenly, in 10 metres in front of him, the image of deity appeared. He exclaimed in the Buryat language: Oh Burhan is sitting here! It was a great miracle of the Barguzin valley. All the lamas and believers saw the image of dancing Buddist goddess Yanzhima.The ritual pyramid had been by the great of the Barguzin valley Tseden Sodoev, one of the authorities of the Buddist world, a clairvoyant, jogin, who used to meditate in those places

Soodoi-lama is the regenerated great Indian Mahasiddha Nagar dzhuna. There is a suburgan of Soodoi lama in the Kuytunskaya steppe in a few kilometers from village Elysun. Goddess Yanzhima Yanchenma (Tibetian) Sarasvati (Indian) is a great goddess, pantones of art, science, wisdom, fertility amaternity.

According to the myth, chaos and darkness rules at the beginning of the world. Seeing that, Yanzhima came down to the earth to overcome the chaos by knowledge. Only knowledge can help the man to find new possibilities, where the other find only chaos and despair, Sarasvati says.

According to the myth, Sarasvati gave the people ability to feel, think, understand and communicate with each other. One can see many other images on the stone. On the other side of the stone there is an ancient solar sign swastika the marker of movement of the Earth round the Sun and division of the year into four seasons.

This sign contains the idea of moving in two directions: clockwise and back. The movement clockwise symbolizes male energy, and back female one. It has also moral characteristic: the movement after the sun is good and against is evil. In India swastika symbolizes life, light, generosity and abundance. It is met everywhere where there is Buddist culture. It was carved in many monasteries, on the rocks and statues of Budda.

On the 29th of May 2006 the Datsan was consecrated. The lamas from many countries and regions came to the ceremony. The big thanksgiving service took place by the stone with the images of Yanzhima. There were over five thousand pilgrims.

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