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Lake Baikal - eternal mystery and power in the heart of Russia
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Tourism in Buryatia. Lake Baikal and Siberia.
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Raduga centre - recreation at Baikal in Buryatia
Power and beauty of Baikal
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Thermal and old Springs of Buryatia

The Baikal littoral is the area of unceasing crustal activity. Seismic vibrations occur regularly. Due to systematic relief of geophysical stress and proximity to the Earths hot inner layers, the areas surrounding Baikal, especially the Barguzinsky valley, abound in numerous thermal springs. The majority of these springs is highly mineralized and is able to produce a medicinal effect.

The Barguzinsky District has 33 officially registered thermal and cold springs with different contents of therapeutic mineral substances. One of the most popular hot spas is the one in the Snake Bay. The total number of springs is hardly calculable. Thermal radon and sodium sulfate springs as well as sodium bicarbonate availability in the spa water are of the greatest value.

The history of the spas discovery has been cloaked in mystery and their salubrious properties have become legendary. These legends came from the Buryats and the Evenks that inhabited the area around Barguzin in ancient times. As legend has it, wounded wild animals that came to a spa used to get healed by the miraculous properties of mineral water. Native people were the first to use the spas for therapeutic purposes. The word soon spread all about and beyond Buryatia and the spas became a pilgrimage shrine. Curative mineral water coupled with salutary air and stunning natural beauties did their work. The spas have really been helpful to thousands of people.

The Garginsky deposit of thermal water, the Kuchigersky hot springs, the Ukhmeisky and Seyuisky thermae that are found in the Kurumkansky District bordering on the Barguzinsky District, are well-known far beyond Buryatia. The Allinsky springs can also be mentioned here. Kurumkan with its 50 spas is a famous balneological region. Its thermal springs are comfortable enough to use although the water temperature in some of them reaches 75-77C, so you should be careful not to burn yourself. Thermal water is extremely helpful in curing diseases of the locomotive system. Hot mineral springs also produce a healing effect on other systems of the human body. Some of them help cure urino-genital diseases; others have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Among cold mineral springs the spas of Baragkhan are the most popular. They have their source in the foot of a mountain which was the site for a Buddhist temple in the 19th century. The sacred Baragkhan springs have been known time out of mind. Each of them is rumoured to work miracles; one is helpful in curing stomach disturbances, another is used to wash eyes, a third one is apt to cure thyroid dysfunction (that is why it is called the goitrous spa).

In addition to curative spas, Buryatia has several mineral lakes and deposits of medicinal clays and therapeutic muds. It seems hardly possible to mention all spas and deposits or describe their properties here as this is a task for a book rather than a small article.

One thing is beyond doubt. The reasons for the wide popularity of these places among tourists are not only the beautiful nature or the unique flora and fauna but also the wide variety of thermal and cold mineral springs.

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