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Lake Baikal - eternal mystery and power in the heart of Russia
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Ethnic cuisine of Buryatia

Buuzy, more known as Pozy

Buryatia is famous for its national cuisine.

The limatic terms  and historical conditionality of a survival in severe land of Buryatia have left the unique mark not only on a way of life of local habitants, and also on their food. Separate districts of Buryatia are well-known for well developed cattle breeding. Except cattlemen, here live also many hunters. The territory of a Lake Baikal is rich with fish.  These three facts strongly expressed in national dishes of Buryatia. The nationalities wich which live on this land, have learned to behave with care to the natural resources, to save that nature gives to us.

The basic ingredient in the ethnic cuisine of Buryatia is milk. Milk is popular product and is basis of dairy dishes: Kurunguru, traditional in Buryatia pancakes with sour cream - shangi, curd snowballs, dried skins and other. In Buryatia drinks tea with milk. The tradition to use dairy products has developed in territory of Buryatia historically, because little use areas for truck farming and growing of grain from immemorial time used as a pasture were huge herds grazed on. In love to these products is covered deeper sense. Importance of milk underlines also custom according to it, the visitor necessarily treat with something dairy.

Not surprisingly that one of constituents in national dishes of ethnic cuisine of Buryatia are meat dishes. Along with various sausages, the kitchen of Buryatia is well-known for such dishes prepared with meat, as Buhler (broth), Ubsun, Buuzy (Pozy), Hirmasa, Hiime, Hushuur (meat pears) and Oreomog. To everyone who will decide to visit Republic of  Buryatia, it is necessary to try certainly the Buryat soup from mutton and house noodles, and also Salamat. And on third dish for you certain will offer green tea with milk with added butter and a few salts. This drink not only satisfies thirst, also clears blood, gives forces and perfectly tones up.

Undoubtedly, in many points of a public catering to you will invariably offer dish Buuzy, more known as Pozy, national culinary pride of Buryatia. By the way, ability to prepare this dish is obligatory for each mistress in Buryatia. And Pozy should be not only tasty, also should be beautiful by sight. Is important even quantity of nips in each Pozi.

Certainly, time changes tastes of people. Dishes of Russian ethnic cuisine and even some well-known European dishes make the traditional menu of Buryatia. Nowadays on the Buryat land excellently get on nearby Russian and European kitchens, and Buryat, and even kitchen of Baikal.

The Baikal traditional kitchen differs that in it to meat dishes added also dishes from fish, which so richly purest lake of Russia - Baikal. Many long years inhabitants of Pribaikalye ate taiga and lake gifts, as has left the mark on their tastes and predilections. There are also specifics of preparation. Fish prepare both on coals, and on a frying pan, and on the heated stones. By the most well-known fish dish all gourmets of a planet it is recognized omul of fresh salting, and from ways of preparation of fish has become famous "omul on broach". Fishing on Baikal associates first of all with omul. Tourists try to take necessarily a little omul with themselves to surprise with it in house after returning.

Kitchen of Buryatia allocates not only variety of dishes, also their rationality and a raciness.

To try home cuisine of Buryatia it is possible having joined excursion on the Barguzinsky valley which will organize the Rainbow Centre. You are waited by a dinner, prepared with love from own house products, sour cream, cottage cheese, pancakes, meat, a potato...

Welcome to Buryatia for best rest!

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